Our financial services give families access to housing

Access to financial services is very limited in emerging economies like the Dominican Republic.

Most problematic is the ability to purchase, as housing is very expensive and incomes are very low.

Many families living in urban areas are forced to live in conditions that are not necessarily ideal with limited services. Others move from rural areas to cities in search of better opportunities, build their own homes with little or no knowledge of construction.

Taking into account the current situation of the country, there is an urgent need to create access to financial services, to facilitate families to build the necessary stability through the housing. Through partnerships Habitat Dominican has made microcredit institutions as COOPASPIRE, ADOPEM, Vision Fund and Banco Ademi, has been able to achieve greater impact serving more than 1,200 families who can now make repairs and improvements to their homes so they can gradually build facilities having access to mortgage loans.

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