Our team

Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic has a team led by the following persons:

The organization consists of the following departments:

  • Cesarina Fabian, National Director
  • Juan Mendoza, Finance and Administration Manager
  • Gina Vera, Resource Development Manager
  • Bethsaida Santana, Program Manager

To contact us at info@habitatdominicana.org


The members of our board are the directors of Habitat Area Office for Latin America and the Caribbean:

  • Karen Foreman, Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Juan de Dios Valdez, Director of Administration and Finance
  • Maximiliano Brand, Associate Director and Country Coordinator
  • Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Director of Resource Development
  • Marco Calvo, Director of Communications
  • María Teresa Morales, Director of Housing Microfinance
  • Monica Ramirez, Director of Housing and Urban Settlements

Through shelter, we empower Dominican families. ¡Join us!