Miguel Ángel & María Antonia

This couple have three children, Angel, Marcelo and Aneury. Miguel is a farmer and Maria Antonia is a housekeeper, they have more than 8 years living in the community of Sabana Yegua Viejo, Azua.  

“The house was ugly and without conditions,” they said. When it would rain all would get wet (inside it would be pouring rain said Angel). The floor was also in bad conditions, it was made of cement and already damaged. In these conditions my children and I will get sick very often. We are a family of five, the other house was too small for us and for the children to grow in a space where they can develop correctly. With the pandemic, we now live calmly in the house, even though it was tough when the channel broke and the water for consumption was not available for crops or daily life. 

“I feel really happy, I never thought of having a home like this, and with this help you made my dream come true because I would dream on having a house with good conditions for my family.” One of the things that is more exciting to have now is a bathroom which is inside the house. Now I would like to have everything new to have a house at God’s way, and also have new furniture like the house. We are very happy,” Maria Antonia concluded. 

The family Miguel Angel and Maria Antonia are part of the project Nature Village made in alliance between Nature Power Foundation and Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic. Our partner Nature Power Foundation is an organization whose main focus is to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people through water, clean energy and empowerment using solar panels. Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic is building sustainable housing with different technologies like recycled plastic panels in this project and different areas of the country to empower with housing.  

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