Habitat for Humanity empowers families

For over 30 years the international non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity works to improve the living conditions of millions of families  in more than 70 countries, especially those who do not have enough income to have decent housing.


Starting from the premise that “every one deserves a decent place to live”, Habitat Dominican has sought to respond to those needs with the completion of more than  26,000 housing solutions  that have impacted  some  135,000 people  in the country, explains Cesarina Fabian , director of Habitat for Humanity in Dominican Republic.


The welfare of families defined by different elements, one of them is to have peace of decent housing for the coexistence of the members of the family.


“A home provides strength, stability and self-reliance necessary for families to get ahead and have a better future, we work to provide support to families that need it, with the idea that empower and feel able to achieve for themselves a decent place to live”says Fabian.


The director explained that “contribute to the development of the country with improving the quality of life of families that are part of the qualitative and quantitative housing deficit through access to microfinance for housing, with technical assistance in building and creating financial education programs that support to lower the deficit. ”


Additionally, Fabian mentioned that housing is a catalyst entity that contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Housing as a process can create the family a sense of place and belonging promoting community cohesion. It also has effects on the family and that the building in a proper way you create  resilience and reducing vulnerability to economic, social issues and events related to climate.


The quality of housing has major implications for the health of people, according to the World Health Organization. That instance in its report indicates that there is a clear link between housing and health and how this has grown substantially in recent times. Demographic and climate change are making housing an element increasingly important for health.


The poor living conditions can expose individuals to a range of health risks. Housing insecurity, lack of income or changes for rental homes exposed to family stress. The pollution causes many non-communicable diseases, damages the respiratory and cardiovascular health. Inadequate water and sanitation affects food safety and personal hygiene which facilitates the transmission of various diseases.


Currently Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic is developing three projects:  providing access to housing , which help families to turn housing into a durable asset; volunteer , with which have been successfully organized national and international construction brigades; and  financial services project , with which seek to facilitate access to microloans to low – income families, so they can purchase a full housing, repair or improve it .


In a press release it indicates that these projects represent contributions to the country Dominican Habitat towards reducing vulnerabilities in different areas of Dominican society.

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