The work of Habitat for Humanity

One of the collaborators of Habitat for Humanity, through the portal “Good Deeds Days”, shared about the work carried out by the organization at a general level and presented an impact case from the Dominican Republic.

With the vision that everyone deserves a decent place to live, Habitat for Humanity began work in 1976 in the United States. Today, it is the world’s leading nonprofit organization that empowers families in need of housing in all 50 states in the USA and in more than 70 countries.

Families and people in need of a hand partner with Habitat to build or improve a place they can call home. The owners of a Habitat home are not just spectators, but rather participate in the solution of their home. Many build their homes together with volunteers from the Habitat program called Global Village.

The latter has more than 30 years offering volunteers the opportunity to travel to another country, to experience another culture, while working alongside families in need of decent housing. The activities that the volunteers carry out vary according to each project and can be the construction of a new house, the extension or repair of an existing house, the work in community development and / or the participation in financial education workshops with the beneficiary families.

Brazil and the Dominican Republic are two countries in which Habitat recently worked creating decent homes for the low-income people.

Dominican Republic: housing improves health conditions

Senona and Enelio lived in a house made of sticks, wood, and zinc; all materials in unfavorable conditions. The house was not adequate in height and was about to collapse. The couple lived alone and produced their food on the surrounding land.

With the support of the project “Construyendo juntos para las familias de San Juan, Azua y Samaná” (Building together for the families of San Juan, Azua and Samaná), Habitat Dominican Republic together with Habitat Canada and the Global Village project, subsidized a new home for Senona and Enelio.

Today, they have a safer house, with more space, with the right height and in conditions to live with dignity. The living conditions of these two older adults have improved markedly, especially in terms of health and protection of their physical integrity.

In case you want to empower more families around the world with housing, you can visit https://www.habitatdomincana.org or info@habitatdominicana.org and @habitatdominicana on RRSS for more information.

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