Construction Technical Assistance for Families

Technical Assistance in Construction is to accompany families with a qualified technician in the construction area, who guides them in safe procedures or self-construction building, according to the regulations in the Dominican Republic.

Engineers ensure that the investment is safe, cost-minimizing risks, construction and use of materials. For the project “Building Hope Footsteps in Haina and Los Alcarrizos” 22 families received access to financial services, accompanied by Construction Technical Assistance by Habitat engineers.

Many improvements in housing included: adding metal bars for safety of families, changing roofing zinc roofing cement, changing the wooden walls to block walls, structural reinforcement of homes, adding a new room another family member, and changing floors, doors and windows.

Knows what families say about this program: ” I was very pleased with the assistance provided by the engineer during the entire process , ” Maria Laura Mojica.

Maria Laura made a home repair to achieve greater security by adding security bars, windows and doors. In addition, to improve their health, during this process she finished building her kitchen.

Asistencia Técnica

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