We invite you to be a relevant voice on the issue of decent housing. Join our work, through housing you build strength, stability and self-reliance. A unique experience that will give you the opportunity to know how many Dominican families live, as well as support hand in hand to build each person’s dream: to have a decent place to live.


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Volunteering is a movement committed to defending the interests of individuals and groups in more unfavorable situations to contribute through a democratic way to improve the quality of life of others.


In the Dominican Republic, the mobilization of volunteers is regulated within Law 61-13, which establishes the legal regime of volunteering in the Dominican Republic. G. O. No. 10713 of April 25, 2013 and within the law no. 1-12, which establishes the national development strategy 2030, promoting volunteering as a mechanism for the participation of the population in the development process and solidarity as a value; facilitating the institutional and organized participation of the population and the responsible exercise of citizens’ rights and duties.

Through shelter, we empower Dominican families. ¡Join us!