12,820 people with housing solutions are added to the achievements of Habitat Dominicana in 2022.

At Habitat for Humanity, the main cause is to ensure that low-income families have access to safe and resilient housing to live. For years the organization has provided a viable solution to the problem of the housing deficit in the Dominican Republic and around the world.

In the year 2022, more than 12,820 people were supported with the construction of their decent housing, delivering around 2,564 housing solutions, under a program that facilitates access to microfinancing for the improvement and repair of homes for low-income families. In addition to the support of local and international donors and volunteers, companies and financial allies that contributed so that more homes could be built and rebuilt, as well as the volunteer hands that donated a total of 1,337 hours in favor of this worthy cause.

Another of the areas of work of Hábitat Dominicana is training vulnerable communities on financial issues, health, family emergency plans, construction technical assistance and workshops for master builders, training more than 2,658 people during these 36 years and leaving 19 communities with work plans ready to implement in favor of its development. With this action, the organization has shown that strong and stable homes build strong and stable communities.

¨Every year more families are part of our impact of progress and improvement with the opportunity that we give them to have decent housing under their effort, work and sacrifice. We have effectively added and increased access to decent housing and we close 2022 with great achievements. We will continue, we will not rest until every Dominican has a decent place to call home, we have donors, volunteers and financial entities that always show solidarity, and a work team of excellent professionals, responsible and humanitarian¨, explains Cesarina Fabián, National Director of Dominican Habitat.

The organization highlights that it knows the economic deficiencies of the Dominican population and for this reason it has created appropriate financial products for microfinance institutions so that they give the opportunity to less favored people to obtain their homes, more than 2,271 families have been served through financial allies.

Also, Hábitat has been developing studies to incorporate new constructive forms for the target population and in favor of the environment with the construction of 37 eco-friendly homes with comfortable habitability, adding elements such as recycled plastic and poly aluminum in pilot projects in partnership with the company. Tetrapak; As well as an alliance with the Nature Power Foundation with the Nature Village project, together we built the first sustainable rural community in the Dominican Republic.

For the year that has just begun, Hábitat Dominicana intends to continue with the initiative to change earthen floors to concrete ones, so that more families improve their health and have better living conditions. With this project, the NGO seeks that 10,000 Dominicans with the help of the Government, businessmen, donors, volunteers and allies, can transform their habitat.

In 2022, the organization thanks the communities that through their leaders and associations actively participated in their own development. It acknowledges and thanks the allies that have been part of the mission, such as the Habitat for Humanity Affiliate Network, the Dominican Association of Portland Cement (ADOCEM), the Romana-Bayahibe Hotel Association, the NGO Alliance, Banco Múltiple Ademi, S.A., Banco ADOPEM, Banco BHD, Cementos Argos Dominicana, Coop Aspire, Punta Catalina Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTPC), Edwards Lifesciences Corporation, Fundasep, Fundación Reservas del País, Grupo Cometa, Grupo Multiquímica, Ministry of Housing and Buildings, Nature Power Foundation, Integral Program of Tourism and Urban Development of Ciudad Colonial PIDTUCC, Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), Reid & Compañía, ROTARY DISTRICT 4060, Starbucks Dominicana, Tetra Pak Dominicana, Vision Fund, Visión de Primera Línea, Whirlpool Corporation in the Dominican Republic and others companies, institutions, individual donors, academic institutions, personalities and volunteers who joined the cause of housing.

About housing microfinance

It refers to facilitating access to non-mortgage loans that are intended to finance home improvements, repairs and construction in stages. They are characterized by elements common to microfinance, such as: small loan amounts, short terms, market-based pricing, non-mortgage guarantees.

About the 100 thousand floors to play initiative

Habitat for Humanity and the Inter-American Cement Federation (FICEM) launch the “100,000 floors to play” initiative to replace 100,000 dirt floors with concrete in vulnerable homes throughout Latin America and the Caribbean by 2028. The “100 a thousand floors to play” is aimed at families from all over Latin America and the Caribbean in poverty, who live in homes built with poor quality materials, making them more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, with a floor in which the predominant material whether the land or another is in very poor condition; focusing on households with female heads of household and with children under 6 years of age, older adults, and/or people with disabilities. In the Dominican Republic, 10,000 families will be supported by changing their cement floor to concrete. Learn more at www.habitatdominicana.org

About Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic

Habitat for Humanity is a global, non-profit, non-governmental organization that works to provide everyone with a decent place to live through programs focused on housing microfinance, minimizing risk, and increasing disaster response. Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic empowers families to create strength, stability and self-sufficiency through housing. Since the beginning of its work in 1986, the institution has carried out more than 40,328 thousand housing solutions and has impacted around 201,640 thousand people. Habitat Dominicana contributes to the country in improving the living conditions of families that are part of the qualitative and quantitative housing deficit. This is achieved by developing programs that facilitate access to housing microfinancing for low-income families with technical assistance in construction, and by creating financial education programs that support and contribute to reducing the deficit. we empower with housing

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