The Healthy Homes program of Argos Dominicana and Habitat for Humanity transformed the lives of 167 people in its fourth stage

This program aims to change the living conditions of hundreds of people from communities in Nigua, San Cristóbal province.

Santo Domingo (January 2023)-With the mission of changing habitability conditions, increasing the health of Dominican families and collaborating with the economic growth of the communities of the municipality of San Gregorio de Nigua, in the province of San Cristóbal, Argos Dominicana and Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic presented the achievements made during the fourth stage of the Healthy Homes program. Through the Healthy Homes program, around 1,000 people benefited, 167 of them in the fourth stage. This allows to continue strengthening the construction of more sustainable, prosperous and inclusive societies in the country.

In the development of the fourth phase, the program improved the homes of 37 families, with the intervention of changing dirt floors for polished concrete floors and the revitalization of the economy of the communities where their homes are located, through the generation of more than 24 immediate jobs and the purchase of materials, food and supplies that were needed during the entire construction process and others in local stores, the program was developed in the communities of Boca de Nigua, La Canela and Loma de Corea.

“The Healthy Homes program translates into comprehensive development and well-being of the families of Nigua. At Argos, our commitment to transformation is strengthened when we see the results of programs like this, in which we see the impact they have on families and their quality of life. We are proud to know that, beyond rebuilding homes, we are building empowered communities, well-being for families, and a more prosperous future for the Dominican Republic,” said Jorge David Pérez, director of Argos for the Dominican Republic.

The program provided the opportunity for empowerment and awareness for more than 140 people who received information on the importance of a cement floor for health and its advantages for the cognitive development of children.

“We are happy with the results obtained at the conclusion of this fourth stage of the Healthy Homes program together with our ally Cementos Argos Dominicana, who reaffirm the social commitment they have and that they contribute to the development of the territory, especially to the families of Nigua. Argos Dominicana is an ally that generates development and well-being, they have greatly supported the construction of housing dreams. Thank you Argos because they allowed us to support them through the technical direction and with our team of engineers from Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic. With this program we have achieved that more families have a decent, healthy and safe place to live, we collaborate with the entrepreneurship of local businesses, the honest and responsible work of all the construction workers of this community”, indicated Cesarina Fabián, National Director of Dominican Habitat.

The construction work and labor, in addition to the purchase of materials and food for workers were carried out in the same community, which allowed the revitalization of the economy in the local businesses. On Sunday, January 15, the program’s achievements were presented in the community of Loma de Corea with the presence of the intervened families, community leaders, the pastor of the community church, municipal authorities, as well as the participation of directors and collaborators of Argos and Dominican Habitat.

About the Healthy Homes program Healthy Homes is an Argos program

that seeks to improve the housing and habitability conditions of the families close to the Argos operation, through the intervention and improvement of floors, bathrooms and kitchens. Currently, the company operates this initiative in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Panama and Puerto Rico. Since 2018 Argos Dominicana and Habitat for Humanity have worked shoulder to shoulder in order to contribute to the reduction of the qualitative housing deficit in the Dominican Republic and increase the sanitation conditions of the houses in the municipality of San Gregorio de Nigua, province of San Cristobal.

About Dominican Argos

Argos Dominicana is a leading company in the production and distribution of cement and concrete backed by more than 25 years of experience in the market. Its product portfolio, in addition to the new line of ready mixes, includes cement, concrete and aggregates, through which it is an active part of the country’s economic development. Over the years, it has left its mark on the most emblematic infrastructure projects in the territory. In the Dominican Republic, Argos has a cement plant in San Cristóbal and two concrete plants located in Santo Domingo Norte and Santo Domingo Este, respectively, which are located at strategic points in the country to comply with logistics processes that favor the industry.

About Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic

Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic empowers families to create strength, stability and self-sufficiency through housing. Since the beginning of its work in 1986, the institution has carried out more than 39,289 thousand housing solutions and has impacted around 19,455 thousand people. We empower with housing. Habitat for Humanity invites all Dominicans, individually or corporately, to join the cause of decent housing through and continue working together so that each person has a decent place to live.

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